Burwash Parish Council is made up of 13 Councillors. It meets in full on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm, either in the Parish Rooms in The Bear car park or at Burwash Common Pavilion. Meetings at Burwash Common Pavilion are held in February, April, August and October. The venue will be confirmed when the agenda is published. Currently all meetings are held online.

The Press and public are welcome and encouraged to attend. Members of the public may ask about any matter of public concern during a 15-minute period set aside for questions and comments at the beginning of each meeting.

If you can notify the Parish Clerk about your query before the meeting, it may help with a speedy response.

Agendas are published three clear days before each meeting. Minutes and reports can be be viewed here.

To contact the Parish Clerk, please email parishclerk@burwashpc.org.uk.

The Council’s mailing address is:

Burwash Parish Office

High Street

Burwash TN19 7EU

Or you can use the black post box outside the parish office door in The Bear Car Park, Burwash Village.