The next Planning Committee Meeting will take place on Monday the 25th Jauary at 7pm via zoom.

The Agenda is now available, please click the link below.

If you would like to see the Parish Council’s response to the recent Strand Meadow Reserved Matters application please click here.

Agenda and reports for 25-01-21

Planning Agenda 25-01-21

Oakley’s Garage Design & Access Statement

Agenda and reports for 04-01-21

Planning Agenda 04-01-21 Final

Planning Minutes 14-12-20 Draft v1

Agenda and reports for 14-12-20

Planning Agenda 14-12-20

Agenda and reports for 23-11-20

Please view the Agenda here.

20.0 Planning Minutes 16-11-20 v2

Chaunt House Decision Notice RR_2020_1259_P

Chaunt House Listed Planning Decision RR_2020_1260_L

Furnace House Decision Notice RR_2020_1932_P

High Gate Planning Refusal RR_2020_1519_P-DN

Hornbeam 26 27 Objection RR_2020_1591_T

The Limes Planning Decision RR_2020_975_0

Agenda and reports for 02-11-20

Planning Committee Agenda 02-11-20

Planning Committee Meeting Minutes 19-10-20 DRAFT

Planning Minutes 02-11-20 v1 DRAFT

Planning decision 3 Wealden View Shrub Lane

Planning Decision Buxey Hoppers Croft

Agenda and reports for 19-10-20

Planning Committee Agenda 19-10-20

Item 4. Planning Meeting Minutes 1-10-20

Item 5a. Resident Correspondence The Old Slaughterhouse 24.09.20

Item 6. Planning Decision 54 Shrub Lane

Item 9. Amended Plans Furnace House 12.10.20

Agenda and Reports for meeting held on 1st October 2020

Planning Agenda 01-10-20

6.a)Planning Decision Witherenden Hill House RR_2020_96_P-DN

6.a)Planning Decision Witherenden Hill House RR_2020_97_L-DN

6.b)Planning Decision Kippings RR_2020_1139_P-DN

6.c)Planning Decision Rectory Close RR_2020_1140_P-DN

12. Revised Conservation area Report for Parish Council 21-09-20Planning Agenda 01-10-20

Agendas and Reports for Meeting held on 21st September 2020 at 11am

16. Planning Agenda 21-09-20
4.a) Planning Minutes 28-08-20 Final
5.a) Chaunt House Planning Application Correspondence 14-09-20
5.b) Revised Plans 54 Shrub Lane RR_2020_1223_P-AEF
6.a) Planning Decision Mottynsden Manor RR_2020_649_P-DN
6.b)Planning Decision Burghurst Manor RR_2020_107_L-DN
6.c) Planning Decision Hoopers Croft Listed RR_2020_983_L-DN
6.c) Planning Decision Hoopers Croft RR_2020_982_P-DN
7. Notification Letter Red Cross Hut Appeal
9.a) Burnt House Farm Site Visit 27-08-20
12. Conservation area Report for Parish Council by SOF
13.b) DRAFT White Paper comments for BPC A Newson 19-09-20
Agenda and Reports for Meeting  held on 28th August 2020 at 11am

15. Planning Agenda 28-8-20

Changes to the Current Planning System Draft Paper Cllr A Newson 23.8.20

Agenda and Reports for Meeting  held on 17th August 2020 at 2.30pm

14. Planning Agenda 17-8-20

Draft Glebe paper 9-8-20

Agenda and Reports for Meeting held on 27th July 2.30pm

13. Planning Agenda 27-07-20 Final

Item 4 Planning Minutes 06-07-20 FINAL

Item 7a Buxey Hoppers Croft RR_2020_213_P-DN

Item 7b Holton House RR_2020_453_P-DN

Item 7c Dunmayling Listed Building Consent RR_2020_1046_L-DN

Item 7d Dunmayling Advertisment display consent RR_2020_400_A-DN

Item 12 Reworked Draft Glebe paper July 2020

Item 12 AN suggested edits to Cllr Moore Draft Glebe paper July 2020

Item 13 Notes on Ashwood Site Visit 29.6.20 Cllr Moore

Agenda and supporting documents 6th July meeting

12. Planning Committee Agenda 06-07-20 Final

Item 11 Draft Glebe House paper by Cllr Moore 21-5-20

Item 11 Glebe House Reasons for rejecting the site Burwash Save Our Fields 16-5-20

Correspondence J Bird Email re Ashwood Nursing Home Site 01-07-20

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