The BCWRA was formed in July 2010 to represent the interests of residents in Burwash Common and Burwash Weald, to ensure their views are taken into consideration and to protect and maintain our village environment. We all recognise that changes to our environment will take place and we will benefit from the upgrading of our utilities or the modernisation of homes, or the provision of new facilities. However the views of local residents should be taken into consideration before any action takes place. Not all change is beneficial to everyone.

Although this might have been the reason for forming the Association, our meetings have also given local residents the opportunity to meet new friends and we now have an agenda which includes a variety of social events. We are lucky enough to have as our base the Pavilion at Burwash Common. If you have not attended a function there already you have missed out as it is an excellent venue for a whole host of events.

There are four quarterly general meetings in March (AGM), June, September and December.  All residents of Burwash Common and Burwash Weald are welcome at these meetings.  The December meeting doubles as our Xmas Social.  We run two other social events:  ‘Race Night’ in April and ‘Las Vegas Night’ in October.  Entrance to these popular events is by ticket only (either in advance or on the door) with tickets sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Ticket prices are discounted for BCWRA members.

If you are interested in finding out about your local area, meeting more local people, or joining the BCWRA please visit:

Jackie Bird – Chairman

Contact: 01435 883660

Lindsay Green – Secretary

Contact: 07775 862 846 (preferred) or 01435 883733

E- mail:-

All events are held at the Pavilion starting at 7:30 pm unless otherwise stated.