In December 2022, the Parish Council took over the operation and management of the main car park in Burwash village from Rother District Council, this included the public toilets that are situated on site at the car park.

Rother District Council were looking to introduce charging to the car park and the Parish Council wanted to ensure that it remained free at the point of use for everyone in the parish as well as visitors.

Since the 99 year lease was signed with Rother, the Parish Council have had the car park cleaned, had new bay lines painted, increased the number of disabled bays, replaced the lights with LED downlighters to protect our dark skies, installed CCTV and reopened the public toilets. The public toilets are also now open 24hrs a day and cleaned daily.

The Parish Council encourages everyone to use the car park respectfully and within the terms and conditions outlined on the board by the parish office.

Any issues with the car park or toilets should be reported to the Clerk on 07375 809 660 or