Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Parish Council are delighted to be involved in the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. For the full schedule of events, please click here.

Burwash Village Hall

Burwash Village Hall has been at the centre of village life during peace and war since its opening on 4th December 1907. The members of the Hall Management Committee (all volunteers) plan on it becoming the centre of village life again as soon as possible!

Now that government plans that the legal shackles on Covid-19 restrictions are removed, we look forward to several of our User groups resuming their meetings in the Hall from September. We shall all still need to take sensible precautions, and we shall continue with the current recommendations of allowing only half the Hall capacity, the wearing of masks, good ventilation, hand sanitisers and keeping a list of visitors to any event for Track and Trace purposes.

The groups who regularly use the Hall have been contacted with a view to recommencing their use of the Hall in September. The responses have been favourable, with the following plans: Quilters to return on Monday mornings, Monday Painters on Monday afternoons, Not So Young to return once a month on Thursday afternoon.  Short Mat Bowls have to wait for advice from their Federation. The Flower Arrangers have already made bookings: we wish their Chairman, Jean Plummer, a speedy recovery to full health. The Horticultural Society has already used the Hall for a successful talk in July, coping well with Covid-19 rules, and has made further bookings. The Jane Coleman School of Dance and Burwash Musical Theatre have been using the Hall for some time, also successfully.

The Snooker group are using their room, but not yet for matches – at the time of writing anyway.

The Whist group will be returning: further details will follow asap.

Regrettably, Burwash Ladies Group (BLG) and Circuit Training have decided not to return which means there are some vacancies in the bookings’ diary. Please contact us if you may be interested or already have plans for starting up a new group, or would like more information about any of the User groups.

You will have noticed the beautiful new Oriel windows have now been painted and have had their plastic covering removed. The new front doors are also in place, plus a new coir mat in the outdoor porch.

I have heard this week that we have been granted £4,500 by Burwash Parish Council towards the replacement of 3 external doors. We are very grateful for councillors’ support for completing this project of replacing all external doors and windows.

A start has been made on tidying up the outside spaces to the Hall, which will culminate in hedges being trimmed in early autumn.

We are grateful to David Hopkins for keeping the premises clean and tidy during these difficult months, to comply with the anti-pandemic regime. We are also, as always, very grateful for your support for our Village Hall.

Shirley Viney


01435 882497

Internet Hub Update

The Parish Council internet hub service is up and running and open on a Monday and Wednesday morning from 10am to 1pm. Sessions are being held in a covid safe environment in the parish rooms subject to current Government guidelines. We will keep you up to date on any changes via e-bulletin and Notices on the Parish Room

We can help you with advice and guidance on what type of equipment, how to make the most of your PC, Tablet, Smartphone or other digital devices. We offer assistance with choosing a wide range of applications, managing your photographs, helping you to find the best offers on a range of services and goods and helping you trace your family tree.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk – Emma on 07375 809 660 or e mail parishclerk@burwashpc.org.uk  or Keith Lloyd – cllr.keith.lloyd@burwashpc.org.uk with the nature of the help you need.

We are here to help when needed


Burwash Needs You!

For many years the Friends of Burwash Surgery had a team of volunteers who, when requested by the surgery, drive patients to medical appointments. This service almost came to a stop from March 2020 as hospital appointments disappeared.

The good news is that hospital appointments are now up and running again however the number of drivers has reduced considerably due to many changes in their circumstances. As a result, this village service is going to be severely reduced unless we can find more volunteers. When we have a good number of drivers each volunteer may have only one trip a month – it’s the old adage, the more the merrier. Petrol costs can be claimed.

If you would like to help, please phone or email me – Pat Lewis:

henhurst@hotmail.com or 01435 883239 or 07967 000126


Incident Reporting in Support of Safe Travel

The Parish Council is committed to improving the safety and accessibility of our roads, lanes and route-ways. Of equal priority is our commitment to protecting the heritage of our unique environment: our historic buildings, rural landscapes and wildlife verges.

Our current focus is on securing 20mph in Burwash Village, Vicarage Lane and Road, and 30mph at Swing Gate Hill. We are also pursuing the creation of a walking and cycle path from Burwash Village to Etchingham, and Quiet Lane1 designations for Willingford and Spring Lanes.

This interconnected approach to our roads is in acknowledgement of the many traffic related incidents that frequently damage people, property, animals, wildflower verges, and vehicles.

A critical part of all the Parish Council’s Safe Travel initiatives involves ensuring the availability of official evidence of each incident. So, you can help by reporting incidents.

Please make a note of the time, date, vehicle registration number & photograph where possible; then report any incidents you witness or are involved in by following these links to incident reporting:

  1. Traffic incidents can be reported by calling Sussex Police using 101 for non-emergencies, or online via the Sussex Police website.
  2. Damage to wildlife verges can be reported to East Sussex Highways via their online platform to report a problem.

iii. Report a problem to Google-maps e.g. about the unsuitability of the lane for through traffic / Sat-Nav routing.

  1. If you are unsure about reporting an incident yourself and would like the Parish Council’s help, please email dates and details to Bob Franklin cllr.robert.franklin@burwashpc.org.uk

Thank you for taking the time to report incidents. By supporting these initiatives, you are helping to protect our unique environments and safeguard the people who use and enjoy them.

  1. Quiet Lanes are minor rural roads or networks of minor rural roads, appropriate for shared use by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other vehicles. ‘Quiet Lane’ is a nationally recognised designation of single-track road i.e., no white line markings and typically with less than 1,000 vehicle use per day.

Burwash Village Magazine is out now, in the shops or by subscription!

Printed village magazines are back in the shops again.  Or you can subscribe by ringing Vicky on 01435 884135.

Available for purchase in Burwash Village Stores (Londis), Jarvis Butcher’s, The Flower House and Chaplins Hair Salon.

We’d love to have your contributions about village life, or any subject that interests you.  If it interests you it probably interests lots of other people too!

Please send in your ideas to burwashvillagemag@gmail.com

Burwash Parish Council Grants

The Parish Council grant scheme is available all year round. If you would like to apply for a grant then please use the application form linked below and return it to the Clerk.

More information on grants and awarding policy.
Grant Application Form

You can see a list of grants awarded for 2020/21 below.

List of Grants Awarded by Burwash Parish Council for Financial Year 2020/2021
Month Name Amount Detail
May-20 Burwash Scouts £906.00 Camping Equipment
May-20 Burwash Playing Fields Association (BPFA)  £1,500.00 100 Plus Club
May-20 Village Hall  £2,000.00 Replacement windows
May-20 Wild About Burwash  £200.00 Seeds for planting
May-20 Burwash Bonfire Society  £400.00
May-20 St Philips Church  £1500.00 Grounds upkeep
May-20 Burwash Weald & Common Playing Fields Association (BW&PFA)  £1,500.00 Tarmac path
Jun-20 St Bartholomews Church  £1,500.00 Grounds upkeep
Jul-20 Burwash Cricket Club  £2,000.00 Prep of Square & grounds
Oct-20 Ballet @ The Village Hall  £200.00 Covid support
Oct-20 Burwash Musical Theatre  £250.00 Covid support
Feb-21 Burwash Primary School*  £3,294.55 Playground resurfacing
* Not strictly a grant. Money from CIL reserves but coded to grants £14,250.55


Parish Council Remote Meetings Update

The Parish Council has voted to delegate decisions to the Proper Office (Clerk) in view of the current covid-19 infections in the area. Advisory meeting with Councillors will take place according to the normally published schedule. A review of the decision will be made in early January.

For details of when the Parish Council meet, please visit the agendas and minutes page.

Recycling Bin Contents

Please note that where disposable nappies are placed in domestic recycle bins, they will not be emptied. Nappies should go in the waste bins.

The bins in the Car Park will be dealt with regardless of what is in them, but users should take note of the Rother District Council’s policy on waste and respect these when putting items in the bins.

Please click here for full details of what can be put in each type of bin.


The Rural Rother Trust

The Rural Rother Trust have been in contact with the Parish Council to remind us that the Trust is still operating during these difficult times and has been responding to cases of individual need.

Recently the Trust has awarded grants to individuals in difficult circumstances, replacing non-functioning household goods, replacing a blown down garden fence and alleviating losses suffered by someone whose house was flooded during the recent Christmas break.

If you are facing difficulty and would like to find out more about accessing this grant please contact Stephen Hardy, Clerk to the Rural Rother Trust on 07831 494 028.

Applications are straight forward, don’t require an application form and are turned around quickly.

The Trust is still open to applications from community organisations, but has taken the view that during these difficult times, it should give priority to cases of individual need.