Parish Council Office Christmas Closure


The Parish Council office will be closed from the 19th December and will re-open at 9.30am on the 6th January 2020. 

 If you have an urgent matter which cannot wait until we re-open, then please telephone the Clerk on the following mobile number: 

Parish Clerk: 07943 848 430 

 Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Sussex Lund grants

Grants available for improving your local landscape

Do you have an idea for a local environmental project?

Sussex Lund grants of up to £10,000 are available for small, practical projects that improve the landscape of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The High Weald team is looking for project ideas from community groups, schools, town & parish councils and non-profit organisations that aim to:

  • Improve wildlife habitatsg. creating and restoring ponds and wetland, wildflower meadows or woodland and hedges, and removing non-native plants e.g. rhododendron and leylandii.
  • Improve scenic beautyg. planting street trees, removing or screening eyesores and replacing ‘hard’, man-made boundaries with softer, natural boundaries.
  • Improve accessg. creating new access points to green spaces, replacing stiles with gates, adding paths or boardwalks to prevent trampling of habitats.

Match funding is not always necessary and anyone can submit a project, including private landowners and businesses. This year, national charity Plantlife is working with the programme, offering free advice and support for wildflower meadow projects.

The grants scheme was created by High Weald residents Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, and is administered by the High Weald AONB Partnership with Lund Trust.

If you have a project idea, contact the High Weald AONB team for advice on:
01424 723011 or email information at:

Closing date for 2020 grant applications is 2 March – get in touch before Christmas to book a free site visit from one of our Land Management Advisers early next year.


Time for Burwash groups and organisations to apply for Parish Council grants

Burwash Parish Council sets aside money annually to make grants to local organisations and now is the time to make applications for next year.

The normal end-November deadline for grant applications helps the Council prepare its budget for the following year. But BPC understands that projects or plans that need grant support might not always fit this timetable and has introduced a new flexible policy.

It would be appreciated if applications were made soon. But they can be submitted at any time of the year and will be treated in exactly the same way.

Details of the Council’s Grant Awarding Policy and a grant application form can be found on the website here.

Or you can email the Council administrator at to request an application form or drop a note into the red post box outside the Parish Room in The Bear car park.

Calling Burwash – we need your ideas on the red phone box

The  Parish Council has rescued the red phone box in Burwash village and needs your ideas on how best to use it.

BT planned to decommission and remove the phone box on the corner of Highfields before the council took it off their hands for £1.

Once the phone equipment has been removed, the council will be responsible for the box’s maintenance and can use the inside as it sees fit. It will be spruced up and given a fresh lick of paint.

Around the country, some old phone boxes are used to house defibrillators, others as mini libraries or pop-up art galleries, museums or shops.

What do you think? Please forward any ideas to Councillor Bob Franklin at

The phone box outside The Wheel pub in Burwash Weald is being retained by BT as a working booth but this is dependent on it being used regularly. Like other spots in the parish, Burwash Weald has a poor mobile phone signal so the booth in Burwash Weald is a vital local resource.

Christmas Day Lunch in Burwash

Bookings are now being taken for the Christmas Day lunch for those who would be spending Christmas on their own. Single people, couples and families are very welcome. Let us give you a day to remember with a delicious freshly-cooked three-course lunch with drinks and crackers included.  If you would like to make a contribution to the cost of the lunch, feel free to pay £5. Or not. It’s not compulsory. Just come along to Burwash Village Hall on Christmas Day. Don’t stay at home when you don’t need to. To book places, please call Mary Taylor on 01435 882107.

Progress update on Rectory Court – Shared Equity homes now available in Burwash High Street

The redevelopment of Rectory Court in Burwash is getting close to completion. Optivo Housing Association has reported that the four shared equity homes for sale on the High Street have been handed over by the builder and are now being marketed. One home has already been reserved.

The flats for affordable rent being built to the rear of the site are scheduled to be complete by January 23. Progress has been delayed by the poor weather.

To apply for one of the tenancies, would-be residents will first need to register with Rother District Council.

Click here for Optivo’s latest progress report.

For more details on development issues in Burwash Parish, click here.

Drivers urged to be “deer aware” on rural roads in East Sussex

Motorists in East Sussex are being urged to be ‘deer aware’ to avoid colliding with the creatures on rural roads.

Every year there are an estimated 74,000 deer-related traffic collisions in the UK, with the risk of encountering the animals on the road increasing during the mating season in October and November.

Drivers should take particular care in areas where there are deer warning signs or heavily wooded roads, at night and around dawn and dusk, when deer are most likely to venture out.

Cllr Bill Bentley, East Sussex County Council’s lead member for community safety, said: “We’re lucky in East Sussex to have some stunning countryside which provides an ideal habitat for deer. These animals may appear on the road suddenly unexpectedly, particularly at this time of year, and the results of a collision with a deer can be very serious indeed.  By following some simple tips, drivers can keep themselves safe and ensure these magnificent creatures can continue to roam freely and thrive in our beautiful countryside.”

At night, drivers are advised to use full-beam headlights if no other cars are around, as they will reflect the deer’s eyes, but dip their headlights when they see a deer to avoid startling it.

Deer often travel in groups so if drivers see one crossing the road they should slow down and drive with caution as others may follow.

Anyone who hits a deer is advised to stay calm, park in a safe place with hazard lights on and call the police on 101, or 999 if someone is injured or the deer is in the road.

People should not approach or try to comfort an injured deer, as it may make the animal more distressed or cause it to run back into the road.

New Burwash 2020 Calendar available now

The new Burwash 2020 calendar is now available, packed with stunning images of  iconic homes and aspects in our beautiful parish.

All profits from sales will go to the Burwash Village Hall Windows Appeal. The A4 version costs £7 and a “skinny” narrow edition costs £5.

You can buy them from Burwash Village Stores, The Flower House, Chaplin’s hairdressers, Jarvis the butchers and the Rose and Crown pub.

All the photographs in the calendar were taken by local resident Thilo Kork, who has also produced a series of postcards of the parish which have been sold in aid of the windows appeal.



Update – 20mph speed limit in Burwash Village

Dozens of residents of Burwash Parish attended a drop-in session at Burwash Village Hall to review and comment on Parish Council plans for a 20mph speed limit zone in Burwash Village.

Parish Councillors joined residents to view the plans for the 20mph limit and village gateways; the proposed removal of the 40 mph limit at the west end of the village going out towards the BP garage; and the extension of the 30mph zone out to the 50 mph start point.

For a map of the 20 mph plan, click here.

The traffic calming measures are part of the Parish Council’s Traffic Strategy, which has been developed in the last year and can be found here.

To establish whether the reduced speed limit was going to work for Burwash, the Council commissioned an independent traffic feasibility study earlier this year, and sought advice from East Sussex County Council’s road safety team.

Subsequently, data from automatic traffic count speed tests at the east and western end of the village satisfied East Sussex County Council Highways that the introduction of a 20mph limit through Burwash village was feasible.

The plan is on display on the Parish Council notice board alongside the path to Fairfield Surgery and at the Internet Cafe.

Comments on the scheme should be sent to the Parish Council by Friday 11th October at or via the red post box outside the Internet Cafe.