Rude Mechanicals Outdoor Theatre Rescheduled for August 6

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Co’s presentation of “Ikarus Inc” on Swan Meadow in Burwash has been rescheduled for Tuesday, August 6 at 7.30 pm. If you have a ticket for the cancelled July 19 performance, please contact The Rudes to arrange either to transfer to August 6, get a refund or book for another performance. Email or learn more about The Rudes  here.

Although the show starts at 7.30 pm, a lot of people bring picnics from 6 pm ownards. It can get a chilly after the interval so please make sure you bring something warm to wear.

The big butterfly count is here

How’s your arithmetic?

The big butterfly count is a nationwide survey aimed at helping assess the health of the environment. It was launched in 2010 and has rapidly become the world’s biggest survey of butterflies. Over 100,000 people took part in 2018, submitting 97,133 counts of butterflies and day-flying moths from across the UK (see all the 2018 results).

This year’s count runs from Friday July 19 to Sunday August 11. And Burwash can play its part. Let’s start the countdown!

Volunteer drivers urgently required to support Burwash surgery

Volunteers are urgently needed to join the Friends of Burwash Surgery drivers’ scheme. As we all get older, it becomes more difficult to drive ourselves to surgery or hospital appointments. The Friends’ drivers offer a valuable service by stepping in to meet the growing demand. Please contact Pat Lewis on 01435 883239 or via if you can help. Or tell the receptionists at the surgery you would like to volunteer.

Burwash Village Sign restored to pride of place

The Burwash village sign has been restored to pride of place in the High Street after work to replace the post. A big thank you to Andy Vater and Steve Payne who handled the reinstallation of our iconic sign.

And also to Rod Seymour who took away the old post when it was beginning to lean over. The new post was set in concrete by Burwash Parish Council handyman Laurence Worton and flowers around the base were planted by Judy Malling of Pope’s Cottage Antiques.

The three heraldic shields at the top of the sign have been repainted by local Burwash potter Mary Clarke while Lee Dalton undertook the “dubbing” of the wrought iron work to spruce it up.

The three shields represent the County of Sussex and two ancient families – Burghurst and Pelham – long associated with Burwash.

Burwash Parish Council underwrote the costs of the project which was supervised by Councillor Steve Moore.


Changes to Rother’s Recycling Collections in Burwash from June 29

Rother District Council has a new waste, recycling and street cleansing contractor. Biffa, the new operator, starts work on June 29 and will do things a little differently. Your collection days will stay the same but recycling just got a bit easier. Under the new contract, recycled glass should not go in a separate container – put it together with your other recyclables in the recycling bin or pink sack. The glass will be separated at the recycling facility and recycled as normal. Your old box for glass will not be collected – keep it and re-use it for something else! Also put Tetra Pak cartons (used for things like long-life milk, juice, soup etc) in your household waste bin. Tetra Pak can no longer be recycled in this area so instead will be sent to Newhaven Energy Recover facility with the rest of our household waste. See here for an update on Rother’s recycling policies.

Burwash Scout Hut appeal gets £500 donation from Heathfield and Waldron Rotary

The campaign by the 1st Burwash and Etchingham Scout Group to fund a new floor for their Hut in Burwash has received a massive boost with a £500 grant from Heathfield and Waldron Rotary Club.

The Scouts need over £4,500 to replace the worn-out floor and are making good progress on reaching the target. About £400 was raised at a Charity bingo session in June.

But more donations would be welcome. You can sponsor a square metre of the new floor for £30 or send a donation to Jacqui Kuhler. All donations will be recorded on a special board to be placed in the Hut. Please contact Jacqui via or Keith Lloyd on

Important maintenance planned on Burwash area water supplies

South East Water is carrying out maintenance on the water network in the Burwash area over the next couple of weeks to make sure supplies keep running clear.

A process called “flushing” is designed to draw naturally occurring deposits out of the network. Work begins on Wednesday June 12 and will last for approximately two weeks.

Users may see temporarily discoloured water. This problem can be solved by running the cold kitchen tap until the water runs clear.

Click here for more details.

More Volunteers Needed for Burwash School Crossing

There has been a great response to the appeal for volunteers to run the Burwash school crossing. Two volunteers are fully trained and four others are being trained. Together they will cover seven shifts across the week. More volunteers are needed. So if you think you can help cover the remaining shifts please contact Lindsay Macfarlane on 07793052622. In particular, cover is needed for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, 3.15 pm to 3.45 pm.

Welcome to the new Burwash Parish website

Welcome to the new Burwash Parish website. The site has a fresh, modern feel to better showcase news, events and information about our community. 

Coming soon, the Council will launch a new mobile app for tablets and smartphones so you can access Parish news and information on the move and receive notifications and reminders of upcoming events wherever you are.

Watch this space for more updates.