Still time to comment on the Burwash Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Burwash Neighbourhood Development Plan gives residents the opportunity to create planning policies for Burwash and protect the village from unsuitable development built purely for profit.

The draft plan is in the final week of the consultation stage. Unless people comment on it and are seen to be involved, the plan may be judged not to have residents’ support. The responses so far have been welcome and we look forward to and value all those yet to arrive to ensure the plan can move onto the next stage without problems.

The draft plan has involved two years of research and a call for sites (which allows for people to propose sites for housing). Many residents have worked on this project.

The closing date for responses is 18th July. If you have not already submitted your response please do so now and encourage friends and neighbours to do the same. Please remember every member of the household can make a response. Every view matters

To read a summary or full version of the plan, go to the Neighbourhood Plan website.  Leave your comments there or email

If you prefer, leave your handwritten feedback in one of the comment collection boxes at Burwash Common Pavilion, Jarvis the Butchers or in the red post box outside the Internet cafe. If you want to download a copy of the feedback leaflet, please click here.

Printed copies of the draft plan and feedback leaflets are available at the Internet cafe in Burwash. The cafe is open 10 am to 1 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Latest update on Rectory Court in Burwash High Street

Optivo Housing Association has announced that the four shared equity homes being built on the Rectory Court site in Burwash High Street are expected to be completed ahead of time in early October with the remaining flats on target to be ready by the end of this year.

You can find details on this page which also contains news on major developments in Burwash Parish. Or see Optivo’s latest update report here.

Putting Burwash On The Map: New Tourist Guide installed in the High Street

The Burwash Tourist Map has been installed in the bus shelter in Burwash High Street.  A further map will also be installed at Bateman’s this week.
The maps feature details of the most historic and iconic buildings in the High Street and are part of a jointly-funded project between the Parish Council and the National Trust, which also provided the brown tourist signage on the A265.
The final phase of the project, which will see direction tiles installed along the footpath between Bateman’s and the Bear Car Park, is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.
Paper copies of the map will soon be available for £1 each.
The Parish Council supports local businesses and this project is aimed at encouraging more tourists to visit the High Street and help sustain our local shops.
Special thanks go to Altered Images for preparing the maps, Steve Payne for his work on the installation and Burwash artist Graham Sendall for allowing use of his artwork of most of the sites featured on the map.

Volunteer drivers urgently required to support Burwash surgery

Volunteers are urgently needed to join the Friends of Burwash Surgery drivers’ scheme. As we all get older, it becomes more difficult to drive ourselves to surgery or hospital appointments. The Friends’ drivers offer a valuable service by stepping in to meet the growing demand. Please contact Pat Lewis on 01435 883239 or via if you can help. Or tell the receptionists at the surgery you would like to volunteer.

Burwash Village Sign restored to pride of place

The Burwash village sign has been restored to pride of place in the High Street after work to replace the post. A big thank you to Andy Vater and Steve Payne who handled the reinstallation of our iconic sign.

And also to Rod Seymour who took away the old post when it was beginning to lean over. The new post was set in concrete by Burwash Parish Council handyman Laurence Worton and flowers around the base were planted by Judy Malling of Pope’s Cottage Antiques.

The three heraldic shields at the top of the sign have been repainted by local Burwash potter Mary Clarke while Lee Dalton undertook the “dubbing” of the wrought iron work to spruce it up.

The three shields represent the County of Sussex and two ancient families – Burghurst and Pelham – long associated with Burwash.

Burwash Parish Council underwrote the costs of the project which was supervised by Councillor Steve Moore.


Changes to Rother’s Recycling Collections in Burwash from June 29

Rother District Council has a new waste, recycling and street cleansing contractor. Biffa, the new operator, starts work on June 29 and will do things a little differently. Your collection days will stay the same but recycling just got a bit easier. Under the new contract, recycled glass should not go in a separate container – put it together with your other recyclables in the recycling bin or pink sack. The glass will be separated at the recycling facility and recycled as normal. Your old box for glass will not be collected – keep it and re-use it for something else! Also put Tetra Pak cartons (used for things like long-life milk, juice, soup etc) in your household waste bin. Tetra Pak can no longer be recycled in this area so instead will be sent to Newhaven Energy Recover facility with the rest of our household waste. See here for an update on Rother’s recycling policies.

Welcome to the new Burwash Parish website

Welcome to the new Burwash Parish website. The site has a fresh, modern feel to better showcase news, events and information about our community. 

Coming soon, the Council will launch a new mobile app for tablets and smartphones so you can access Parish news and information on the move and receive notifications and reminders of upcoming events wherever you are.

Watch this space for more updates.

Parish Assembly marks retirement of veteran councillors

The Burwash Parish Annual Assembly discussed progress on the Burwash Neighbourhood Development Plan , the latest news on traffic calming in Burwash Village, updates on the Burwash Parish Council Rolling Plan – and marked the retirement of three long-standing Parish Councillors.

Between them, Peter Pope, David Vereker and Ijon Jenner (pictured, left to right) had racked up over 100 years of service to Burwash Parish Council (BPC) when they retired last month. BPC chair Betty McBride praised their devotion and presented each of them with an elegant crystal bowl engraved with a view of Burwash High Street.

About 40 residents attended the meeting which also provided news on the appeal by Park Lane Homes against the rejection of its plans for 30 homes on Watercress Field near Strand Meadow. The Burwash: Save Our Fields From Concrete website has more details.

The summary of the Neighbourhood Plan, a key document which will help shape how our community develops over the coming years. was also launched along with dates for public consultations.

Click here for a summary of the Plan and here for the full document .

Click on the link to find out more about the Council’s rolling plan.

Burwash Neighbourhood Development Plan, Traffic news and much more….

Progress on the Burwash Neighbourhood Development Plan and the latest news on traffic calming in Burwash Village will be among the topics up for discussion at the Parish Annual Assembly this Thursday, May 30 at 7 pm in Burwash Village Hall.

Local councillors and residents have been working hard for months to flesh out the plans which will help shape how our community develops over the coming years.

Click here for a summary of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and here for the full document.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to hear more about the The Parish Council’s rolling plan.

Come along to Burwash Village Hall at 7 pm on May 30 to have your say.

Latest on Strand Meadow development

Burwash Parish Council is urging Rother District Council to reconsider how the appeal against rejection of a controversial planning application for Strand Meadow will be handled.

Rother District Council announced this month that the appeal by Park Lane Homes against the rejection of its plans for 30 homes on Watercress Field, near Strand Meadow, will be determined by written representations, not via a public inquiry or hearing.

The Parish Council and Burwash: Save our Fields from Concrete wrote to Rother earlier this year urging that the appeal into the site be handled by an inquiry or through a public hearing where all the issues could be properly aired. Over 400 objections to the Park Lane scheme were lodged by individuals and organisations when the most recent planning application for the site was made. Rother District Council planning committee unanimously REJECTED the application in January, 2019, despite the fact that Rother’s own planning officers supported the application.

Rother has said that new representations for the Appeal have to be made by  June 17, 2019. All existing objections and representations have been forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.

Representations to the Planning Inspectorate can be made through its portal. You can also email or write, sending three copies,  to:

Caroline Harvey

C Eagle, 3rd Floor

Temple Quay House

2, The Square

Bristol BS1 6PN

The Appeal Reference is  APP/U1430/W/19/3223824. You can see this online here.

Find more background on our Development Issues and Updates page here.