The Neighbourhood Plan identified that residents would like to see a new Community Hub facility within Burwash. The Parish Council are considering replacing the current parish office, parish rooms, scout hut and public toilets with a new facility that would incorporate additional clinic space that could be used by the NHS to deliver extra services to residents.

The Parish Council is asking whether residents would like to support this idea in principle with a very short survey. To answer the survey, please click the following link:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). Who will pay for the new building?

The Parish Council would apply for grants and use money from developments that are already underway within Burwash to part fund the project. Other funding would come directly from the Parish Council reserves and there might be a small amount of borrowing from the Government over a long period of time.

2). Who will use the new building?

Use of the building is intended for the community and not for business to operate out of. Users would be the Parish Council, Scouts, the NHS and local organisations and groups, i.e. Sussex Outreach Support to provide real community benefit.

3). What will happen to other village halls and spaces in Burwash?

Nothing. They will continue to operate in the way the do currently. Most of the current halls and spaces in Burwash charge for rent or hire and this wouldn’t change.

4). What will the new building look like?

We don’t know that yet. The Parish Council have had an architect put together an impression of what it could look like but the actual building will be decided at a later date once the public procurement has been completed.

5). Will I be able to have my say?

Yes, absolutely, we welcome everyone to have their say on this idea. Consultation will be the backbone of the project. This is just the initial consultation on the ‘idea’. If residents like the idea in principle and the response is positive then the Parish Council will move towards getting planning permissions and funding in place for the next step.

6). What is the next step?

This is the first stage of a long process. Consult with everyone on the idea. If most residents feel it’s a good idea then the next step is to make sure planning permissions would (in principle) be obtainable, then secure funding for the project, then go through a phase of public procurement where architects and builders would bid for the project, then consult again on the design of the building and only then will the project get the green light.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please do contact the Clerk on or 07375 809 660