Current Vacancies. Burwash Parish Council currently has 1 vacancy on the council.

Notice of Vacancy Anne Newson 02-03-21

Elections. Councillors are elected every four years.

The last Parish Council election was on May 2, 2019. An election was not required because all 12 nominations were elected without a contest. An election would have been held if 14 people or more had stood as candidates for the 13-person council. Click here to see the official results posted by Rother District Council. See here for details of your local Parish Councillors.

Residents voted on May 2 to elect Rother District Councillors. Please click here for the election results.

Co-Opting Councillors

The Council can co-opt councillors to fill vacancies which arise if seats are left vacant following any election or if a councillor resigns during the term of the council – currently four years. Click here to see the full BPC Co-Option policy.