Current Vacancy

Notice of Vacancy 31-12-20

Elections 2019

A Parish Council election scheduled for May 2, 2019, was not required because all 12 nominations were elected without a contest. An election would have been held if 14 people or more had stood as candidates for the 13-person council. Click here to see the official results posted by Rother District Council. See here for details of your local Parish Councillors. This list includes Councillor Declan O’Neill, who was co-opted on to the Council at its first full meeting in May, 2019.

Residents voted on May 2 to elect Rother District Councillors. Please click here for the election results.

Co-Opting Councillors

The Council can co-opt councillors to fill vacancies which arise if seats are left vacant following any election or if a councillor resigns during the term of the council – currently four years. Click here to see the full BPC Co-Option policy.