Updated 24th September

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government recently issued three consultations on reform of the planning system.
The Parish Council would like to urge residents to respond individually on the government website by commenting on each of the consultations. These consultations will have a lasting impact and it is important that residents express their views sooner rather than later. Please find the links below with the deadlines.

Click on each consultation link below to find out more and to submit your comments.

Changes to the current planning system
Deadline for comments is 11.45pm 1st October 2020

Planning for the Future
Deadline for comments is 11.45pm on 29th October 2020

Transparency and Competition a Call for Evidence on Data on Land Control
Deadline for comments is 11.45pm 30th October 2020

The Parish Council has made a formal response on behalf of the Parish to the first consultation “Changes to the current planning system” which has been submitted separately via NALC (National Association of Local Councils) and the answers have also been entered directly into the Government Survey. If you would like to see the Parish Council’s response please click here.

Further work is being done by members of the Planning Committee to respond to the Planning for the Future and Transparency and Competition a Call for Evidence on Data on Land Control. These will be discussed at the Full Council Meeting on the 13th October.

A combined working party made up of local Parish Councils, including Burwash and the local pressure group Save Our Fields is also looking at ways to respond to these consultations by approaching MPs and other ways to get the public’s opinion heard. If you would like to look at what Save Our Fields is doing then please visit their separate website. They have also created a micro site which makes it easy for you to locate and contact your local MP.


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