Burwash Parish is an ideal place to explore miles of footpaths and bridleways through beautiful, rolling countryside.

  • One of the most popular walks in the area is the seven-mile Burwash Walk. Printed copies of the walk are available from East Sussex County Council and Burwash Post Office,  or download the brochure.
  • A local walk was featured in the Daily Telegraph in October 2010. The route travels across National Trust Land around Bateman’s, and explores the countryside that influenced Rudyard Kipling to write Rewards and Fairies and poems such as Puck of Pook’s Hill. Click here to see the route.
  • You can see more walks starting from Burwash at burwashwalks.co

More local walks can be found on the Walking World or via the Walk4Life site:  http://www.walk4life.info.

The Guardian newspaper recently showcased a walk starting from The Wheel pub, Burwash Weald.

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has released digital maps of rights of way in the County. Click here for the link to the ESCC website – just enter your point of interest.

For those who want to keep up their 10,000 healthy steps a day – here’s a locally-produced map with step-counted village-based walks around the parish.

Accompanied walks

Local residents and visitors are welcome to join either or both of the two organised walking groups in the community organised by Roger Cloke and Ijon Jenner.


Walks for Strollers around Burwash

For more details please contact Ijon Jenner 01435 882045 or ijonejenner@gmail.com

On the first Wednesday of each month, Ijon plans a walk around our countryside for anyone who would like to come along. These walks are gentle strolls for those who like to take time to enjoy our beautiful countryside at a leisurely pace. The strollers usually meet at the Bear Car Park at 9 a.m. and are home before lunchtime.

It is worth checking  with Ijon if you are new to the group or haven’t been for a while, as the meeting-point occasionally shifts to The Pavilion car park in Burwash Common.

Parish Boundary Walk

For more details please contact Roger Cloke 01435 884 312   rogercloke@hotmail.com

On the third Monday of every month (not December) the walkers set off at a gentle pace for six miles or so. They meet at The Bear Car Park at 9.00am and aim to be back around 12.00 noon.

The condition of local footpaths

The maintenance of footpaths is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council. However Burwash Parish Council would like to know if the footpaths, bridges or stiles in our area are blocked or damaged or have problems which prevent their use. If you come across a problem, please send the location and details to ijonejenner@gmail.com. If you have a phone or digital camera, a photo would be useful. We will then pass the details on to the County Council.