Minutes and reports for Burwash Parish Full Council Meetings

Draft minutes are initially posted on the website. Confirmed minutes are agreed at the following Full Council meeting and then updated on the website.

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May 2020



Report to BPC

Comm Report May 20

Planning Committee Report for Full Council 12 May 2020 Final

Report – Uptake on the Burwash E Bulletin


April 2020

April 2020 Minutes Final

March 2020

4 i) Full Council 10.3.20 Final Minutes

4 iia) Planning Minutes 11.3.20 Final

4 iib) Planning Minutes 25.3.20 Final

4 iii) Finance Committee Minutes 3.4.20 Final

5 c Finance Documents Appendix 3.4.20

6.e (i) Restructure of Full Council Meetings

6.e (ii) Restructure Council meetings – Clerk proposal

7 a (iii) prescription briefing

7 a (iv) Report Telephone Support

7 b (i) Village Hall Coronavirus report PDA

7 h Burwash Burfest 2020 – initial thoughts (Out of Isolation)

8 T&T Briefing note to BPC Mtg April 2020

10 b Process Statement Glebe

10 c Footpath 56a.

11 a (i)Down Meadow Update

12 Clerk Report_Correspondence

Briefing note on Burwash Businesses

Full Council Meetings – 11 a (ii) Down Meadow plants.msg – All Documents

Full Council Meetings – Burwash businesses logo.pdf – All Documents

Maps Parish and Surgery catchment area

NALC Legal Topic _Meetings held remotely

Payment Schedule 14.4.2020

Rural Rother Community Network Meeting 12 March 2020

March 2020

Clerk’s Report and Correspondence.

Finance Committee reports

Balance Sheet as at 29_2_2020

Bank Reconciliation 1

Bank Reconciliation 2

Burwash Community Interest Co_

Cerk Report Bank reconciliation March 2020

Earmarked Reserves

Payment Schedule 10.3.2020

FC Minutes Draft 03.03.2020


A Davies Decorating Invoice 1 of 2 4.3.20

A Davies Decorating Invoice 2 of 2 4.3.20

Steve Payne Invoice 3.3.20

Finance and Admin workstream reports

Report on New Clerks Induction 19th Feb 2020

Programme New Clerks Training Day 19.2.20

Report from Administrator on Office Renovations 04.03.20

BPC Financial Regulations July 2019

AGAR 2018_19Income and Expenditure Account for Year Ended 31st March 2020

Community and Communications workstream reports

Love Burwash Spring Clean 2020 revised

Planning Committee reports

Feedback to MH Architects 18.12.19

Strand Meadow Correspondence to Tim Hickling

Watercress notes on results Jan 2020

Traffic and Transport workstream report

Memorandum Report to BPC meeting 100230

February 2020

February 2020 Minutes

Clerk’s Report Feb 2020

Finance Committee reports

Statutory Income and Expenditure

Statutory Balance Sheet

Earmarked Reserves

Detailed Income Expenditure Page 3 of 3

Detailed Income Expenditure Page 2 of 3

Detailed Income Expenditure Page 1 of 3

Bank reconciliation

Payment Schedule for Internet Banking

Correspondence to Clerk

Road works Repair drain cover Etchingham Road 31 Jan 20

Road works 12th Feb A265 Burwash Road

Road works 5 Feb Swing Gate Hill Burwash Common

Traffic & Transport reports


SLR Meeting Minutes Final 29.1.20

Finance and Admin workstream reports

Upgrading format Council Meetings Report

Refurbishment of Parish Rooms update

Parish Room sign

Current BPC-Standing-Orders

Planning reports

Update Watercress Field

Report Meeting Cllr Prochak 21.1.20

10c)Footpaths – Email from Vicky Fletcher Burwash footpath 24c at The Glebe

Environment and Maintenance Workstream reports

Lime Trees Report

11f) Maintenance of War Memorial

Community and Communication Workstream reports

Love Burwash Report

Grant Application funding Blue Plaque Scheme

13b) Blue Plaque Scheme for Burwash Update January 2020

13a) Community & Comms Minutes 27.1.20

January 2020

January 2020 Minutes

Clerk Report 14 Jan 20

Down Meadow letter March 2005

Official Copy (Title Plan) – ESX244688

Official Copy (Register) – ESX244688

MapSearch-20200110-144307 Down meadow

Down Meadow Advice Ian Davidson

Down Meadow Monthly Plan

9b) Email from Vicky Fletcher Burwash footpath 24c at The Glebe

9c) High Weald Housing Design Guidance Dec19

10e) Orchard Landscapes quotation Urban mowing 2019

11c) Willingford Lane – Signage request

10b BPC Climate Emergency Plan Draft

20mph update

Operation Bridge

Confirmation New Parish Office Address

2020 grant applications and grants awarded

Final Budget

Payment Schedule 14.1.20

Finance Documents Full Council Jan 20