Agenda, Minutes & Reports for Burwash Parish

Full Council Meetings

The Agenda & Reports for the next Full Council meeting are published on the website a minimum of 3 clear working days before the meeting date.

Draft minutes are usually included in the meeting documents from the previous month and are formally approved and adopted at Full Council meetings.

After approval the final Full Council minutes from the previous month are updated below soon after the meeting date. Signed final copies are kept at the office and can be seen on request by contacting the Clerk. Unless the minutes are clearly marked as draft they are the final approved version.

If you would like to see the final Finance Committee Minutes click here and for Planning Committee minutes click here.

Tuesday 13th April 2021

Agenda Full Council 13-04-21

Item 05. Minutes Full Council 09-03-21 Final Draft

Item 06. Update note to Parish Council on NDP 13.4.21

Item 07. FC Minutes 06-04-21 Draft

Item 07.f. Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 31-03-21.PDF

Item 07.g. Current Acct Bank Reconciliation 31-03-21.PDF

Item 07.g. Savings Account Bank Reconciliation 31-03-21.PDF

Item 07.h. Balance Sheet as at 31-03-21.PDF

Item 07.i. April Payment Schedule 31-03-21

Item 07.j. Equals Transactions 31-03-21

Item 08. Planning Minutes 29-03-21 Draft

Item 09. C&C Minutes 18-03-21 Draft

Item 10. E&M Minutes 16-03-21 Draft

Item 11.i. Email TRO for 20mph Burwash Village

Item 11.i.Email Enquiry response

Item 12.a. Grant Application Form Draft 12-04-21

Item 12.a. Grant Awarding Policy Draft 12-04-21

Item 12.b. Training & Development Policy 30-03-21

Item 12.c. Alloted Garden Land Agreement Draft 12-04-21

Tuesday 9th March 2021

Agenda Full Council 09-03-21

Item 04. A. Coulthurst CV Application

Item 04. O. Blaydon CV Application

Item 04. R. Hewett CV Application

Item 06. Minutes of the Full Council Minutes 09-02-21

Item 08. Finance Committee Minutes 02-03-21

Item 08.b. Current Ear Marked Reserves

Item 08.b. Ear Marked Reserves Proposal

Item 08.d. Income & Expenditure 28-02-21

Item 08.e. Bank Reconciliation 28-02-21g

Item 08.f. Balance Sheet 28-02-21

Item 08.g. March Payment Schedule

Item 08.h. Equals Card Transactions

Item 10. Community & Communications Working Party Minutes 18-02-21

Item 10.i. Facebook Page Mock up Picture

Item 11. Environment & Maintenance Working Party Minutes 16-02-21

Item 12. Quiet Lanes Report

Item 13.a. Staff Code Conduct Policy Draft

Item 13.b. Data Protection Policy Draft

Item 16. Allotment Report & Recommendation

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Agenda Full Council 09-02-21

Item 05. A. Mack CV Application

Item 05. A. Coulthurst CV Application

Item 05. R. Hewett CV Application

Item 05. O. Blaydon CV Application

Item 07. Minutes of the Full Council Meeting 12-01-21

Item 09. Finance Committee Minutes 02-02-21

Item 09.c. Income & Expenditure 31-01-21

Item 09.d. Bank Reconciliation 31-01-21

Item 09.e. Balance Sheet as at 31-01-21

Item 09.f. Payment Schedule

Item 09.g. Equals Card Statement

Item 10. Planning Committee Minutes 26-01-21

Item 11. Community & Communications Minutes 21-01-21

Item 11.ii. Parish Assembly Report

Item 12. Environment & Maintenance Minutes 18-01-21

Item 12.i. Grass Cutting Trial Brief

Item 13. Traffic & Transport Minutes 01-02-21

Item 14. Guidelines for Working Party Groups Report

Item 15.i. Sickness & Absence Policy

Item 15.ii. Communications & Media Policy

Item 15.iii. Code of Conduct

Item 15. iv. Complaints Policy

Item 15. v. Disciplinary Policy

Item 15. vi. Equality Policy & Statement

Item 15. vii. Publication Statement & FOI Policy

Item 15. viii. Tree Inspection Policy

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Agenda Full Council 12-01-21 Final

Item 04. Keith Anthony Lloyd Application

Item 06. Minutes Full Council 08-12-20

Item 08. FC Minutes 05-01-21 Final

Item 08.c. Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 04_01_2021

Item 08.d. Bank Reconciliation

Item 08.e. Balance Sheet as at 31.12.20

Item 08.f. January Payment Schedule

Item 08.g. Equals Card Transactions

Item 08.ii. Tree Survey Burwash VTA December 2020a

Item 09. Planning Minutes 14-12-20 Final

Item 09. Planning Minutes 04-01-21 Draft

Item 11.i. Rother Wildflower Meeting Notes

Item 12.a. Village Gates Design Invite

Item 15.i. Document Retention Scheme 04-01-21

Item 15. ii. Health & Safety Policy 04-01-21

Item 19. DM Spend Analysis

Tuesday 8th December 2020

Agenda Full Council 08-12-20

Item 05. Minutes Full Council 10-11-20 Final

Item 07. FC Minutes 01-12-20 Final

Item 07.ii. Interim Audit Letter & Report

Item 07. iii. External Auditor Report & Certificate 2019-20

Item 07.c. Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 30_11_2020

Item 07. d. Bank Reconciliation

Item 07. e. Balance Sheet as at 30.11.20

Item 07.f. December Payment Schedule

Item 07.g. Equals Card Expenditure 30-11-20

Item 08. Planning Minutes 16-11-20 Final Draft

Item 08. Planning Minutes 23-11-20 Final Draft

Item 08.i. Dark Skies Policy Draft 25-11-20 (1)

Item 09. Community and Comms Minutes 19-11-20 final draft

Item 10. Environment & Maintenance WP Meeting Minutes 17-11-20 DRAFT

Item 11. a. T&T Consultation Survey Results 01-12-20

Item 11.c. Cycle path submission Draft 5

Item 11.c. Report to BPC 8.12.20 Cycling & Walking Pathway to Etchingham

Item 12. Budget 2021-22 Final Submission to Full Council

Item 14. Urban Grass Contract for 2021 Report to BPC

Item 15.b. Equality & Diversity Policy Draft

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Full Council Agenda 10-11-20

Item. 07.a.i. Proposed 21-22 Budget v4 to Full Council

Item. 07.a ii. Burwash Primary School Grant Application October 2020

Item. 07.c. Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 02_11_2020

Item. 07.d. Bank Reconciliation

Item. 07.e. Balance Sheet as at 02.11.20

Item. 07.f. November Payment Schedule

Item. 07.g. Equals Card transactions (5)

Item. 08. Planning Minutes 19-10-20 DRAFT

Item. 08. Planning Minutes 02-11-20 v1 DRAFT

Item.11. T&T Minutes 22-10-20 Draft

Item. 12. Proposed 21-22 Budget v4 to Full Council

Item. 13. Tree Survey Quotation 1. Burwash VTA Nov 2020

Item.14.a BPC Environment Policy

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Full Council Minutes Approved 13-10-20 Final

Agenda Final 13 Oct 2020

Item 7a i Down Meadow

Item 7a iii Burwash Musical Theatre

Item 7a iii Jane Coleman School of Dance

Item 7c Income Expenditure

Item 7d. Bank Reconciliation

Item 7e Balance Sheet

Item 7f  October Payment Schedule

Item 7g Equals Card Payments

Item 8 Planning Minutes 1st October v3

Item 8Planning Minutes 21 Sept

Item 8a Changes to Planning

Item 08.b. Transparency and Competition (Cllr Anne Newson) draft version

Item 8b Land Registry Responses

Item 9 C&C Minutes Oct 2020

Item 10. Environment Minutes Oct 2020

Item 11. T&T Minutes 5 Oct 2020

Item 11.b. Proposed Burwash Parish Council T&T Business Plan for CMF

Item 11c. Car Park Information

Item 11c. Note to BPC Re: Car Park

Item 12. Proposed 2021-22 Budget 09-10-20 v2

Item 13. Standing Orders Oct.

Item 13.b. Environment Policy

Item 14. Correspondance to the Clerk 13-10-20


Tuesday 8th September 2020

Minutes Full Council 08-09-20 Final Approved

Agenda Final 08-09-20

Item 04. A. Stapylton-Smith

Item 08.c. Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 01_09_2020

Item 08.d. Bank Reconciliation as at 01-09-20

Item 08.e. Balance Sheet as at 01.09.20

Item 08.f. Payment Schedule September 2020

Item 08.h. Report on Energy & Telecommunications Suppliers 20-08-20

Item 08.h. Alternative Phone System

Item 09. Planning Minutes 17-08-20 Final

Item 09. Planning Minutes 28-08-20 Final draft

Item 09.a. Changes to the Current Planning System Final Draft for Approval AN 3-9-20

Item 10. Minutes C&C 01-09-20

Item 10.a. Parish Letter September 20

Item 11. E&M Minutes 02-09-20

Item 12. T&T Minutes 01-09-20 v2

Item 12.b. BCP response 18 August 2020

Tuesday 11th August 

Minutes Full Council 11-08-20 Final

FC Minutes 4 Aug 2020

FC Minutes 7 July 2020

Item 7d – Detailed Income & Expenditure

Item 7e – Bank Reconcilliation

Item 7e – Payment Schedule

Item 7f – Balance Sheet

Item 7h – Equals Card Statement

Item 8 – Planning Minutes 27 July

Item 10 – EM Minutes

Item 11 – TT Minutes

Item 12a – Financial Regulations

Item 12b – Grievance Procedure

Item 12c – Confidential/Whistleblower Reporting Policy

Item 13 – Correspondance

Tuesday 14th July

Minutes Full Council Final 14-07-20

Item 7a Finance Committee Minutes

Item 7a Car Park Minutes

Item 8a Planning Minutes 25 June 2020

Item 8a Planning Minutes 6 July 2020

Item 9a Communication Minutes 17 June 2020

Item 9c Parish Communications

Item 10a Environment Minutes 16 June 2020

Item 11a Traffic Minutes 15 June 2020

June 2020

Full Council 9th June:

Minutes Full Council 09-06-20 Final

EGM Neighbourhood Development Plan:

EGM NDP Minutes Final 11-6-20


May 2020 

EGM to discuss Down Meadow 28th May:

PUBLIC Minutes EGM Down Meadow Final 28-05-20

Full Council 12th May

AGM Minutes 12-05-20 Final

April 2020

Full Council Minutes April 2020 Final

4 i) Full Council 10.3.20 Final Minutes

4 iia) Planning Minutes 11.3.20 Final

4 iib) Planning Minutes 25.3.20 Final

4 iii) Finance Committee Minutes 3.4.20 Final

March 2020

Clerk’s Report and Correspondence.

FC Minutes Draft 03.03.2020

February 2020

February 2020 Minute

SLR Meeting Minutes Final 29.1.20

13a) Community & Comms Minutes 27.1.20

January 2020

January 2020 Minute