Calling Burwash – we need your ideas on the red phone box

The  Parish Council has rescued the red phone box in Burwash village and needs your ideas on how best to use it.

BT planned to decommission and remove the phone box on the corner of Highfields before the council took it off their hands for £1.

Once the phone equipment has been removed, the council will be responsible for the box’s maintenance and can use the inside as it sees fit. It will be spruced up and given a fresh lick of paint.

Around the country, some old phone boxes are used to house defibrillators, others as mini libraries or pop-up art galleries, museums or shops.

What do you think? Please forward any ideas to Councillor Bob Franklin at

The phone box outside The Wheel pub in Burwash Weald is being retained by BT as a working booth but this is dependent on it being used regularly. Like other spots in the parish, Burwash Weald has a poor mobile phone signal so the booth in Burwash Weald is a vital local resource.