Heathfield Vaccination Centre Update

We have received the following update from the office of Huw Merriman MP. Apparently some local residents are registered at the Heathfield Practice so this might be of interest. (For everyone registered at Fairfield Surgery the local Vaccination Centre remains Etchingham Village Hall. Please see here for more information.)

Heathfield and its surrounds 

Updated 14 January, after speaking to the Sussex Community NHS Foundation this evening:

  • the website news from the Meads surgery, which appeared to cast doubt on vaccinating Heathfield (and nearby) residents, is superseded by more positive news
  • the Meads will be contacting patients from Heathfield and the Firs imminently to book our priority residents in for a vaccination at Uckfield
  • the ‘formalities’ referenced in that website article are now completed
  • I am led to believe that the patients will be contacted from this week with a view to vaccinations occurring from Thursday 21 to Sunday 25th January 2021
  • In the meantime, the vaccination team from the Meads are already covering the Heathfield area; they will be undertaking vaccinations in our care homes this weekend (a job we need to complete across Sussex in ten days time).

I am aware that Heathfield residents, and those from its surrounds, would like to be vaccinated nearer to home. I fully understand this sentiment and I share the aim for a further solution to be found as well. I hope to have further conversations with the NHS Foundation and the surgery to enable this to occur. 

I’d like to thank everyone in the NHS for helping to find an interim solution. I’d also like to thank our Parish Council and residents for communicating and showing patience. I am sorry that residents have not received the vaccination as quickly as other parts of Sussex. I am assured that Sussex supplies will be aimed at finishing each priority cohort before moving to another so I fully expect our area to catch up. 

Patients from Heathfield will receive their vaccinations at the Meads Medical Centre in Uckfield (8 miles away from Heathfield). This is part of the Greater Wealden Primary Care Network and this is where the group have determined the Pfizer vaccine can be best distributed. 

I have had a number of constituents contact me from Heathfield and its surrounding area asking why they need to travel to Uckfield. The reason is because the Primary Care Network covering this part of Wealden has identified Uckfield as the local centre to deliver the Pfizer vaccine. 

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership have also now set up a dedicated email address for all enquiries relating to the Covid-19 vaccination. The address is: Sxccg.vaccineenquiries@nhs.net