Latest on Strand Meadow development

Burwash Parish Council is urging Rother District Council to reconsider how the appeal against rejection of a controversial planning application for Strand Meadow will be handled.

Rother District Council announced this month that the appeal by Park Lane Homes against the rejection of its plans for 30 homes on Watercress Field, near Strand Meadow, will be determined by written representations, not via a public inquiry or hearing.

The Parish Council and Burwash: Save our Fields from Concrete wrote to Rother earlier this year urging that the appeal into the site be handled by an inquiry or through a public hearing where all the issues could be properly aired. Over 400 objections to the Park Lane scheme were lodged by individuals and organisations when the most recent planning application for the site was made. Rother District Council planning committee unanimously REJECTED the application in January, 2019, despite the fact that Rother’s own planning officers supported the application.

Rother has said that new representations for the Appeal have to be made by  June 17, 2019. All existing objections and representations have been forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.

Representations to the Planning Inspectorate can be made through its portal. You can also email or write, sending three copies,  to:

Caroline Harvey

C Eagle, 3rd Floor

Temple Quay House

2, The Square

Bristol BS1 6PN

The Appeal Reference is  APP/U1430/W/19/3223824. You can see this online here.

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