Parish Council Remote Meetings Update

The Government’s legislation allowing Council’s to conduct their meetings remotely is ending on 7th May. This applies to all committees and full council meetings but not working groups.

Therefore, Council have resolved to hold the May Full Council meeting alongside the Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 7pm. The Council have then delegated Council business to the Clerk for June, so there will be no Full Council meeting in June, with the hope that we can all meet face-to-face again for Council meetings in July.

There is currently a government consultation and review taking place with a request for evidence from local authorities. If there is any change in government legislation this could affect the nature of Council meetings. Please ensure you check the website and Facebook page for further information.

Details on the Planning Committee meetings will be posted in due course.

Schedule of Meeting:

Mon 19th April – Planning Committee – remote meeting.

Tuesday 4th May – Finance Committee 6pm – remote meeting.

Tuesday 4th May – Full Council 7pm – remote meeting.

Tuesday 13th July – Full Council 7pm – planned return to face to face meetings.