Parish Council Update regarding coronavirus

Although the Parish Council office can sadly not re-open at present, staff and Parish councillors are working behind the scenes setting up a system to help residents who might need practical assistance throughout the coronavirus outbreak. It is important that no-one in our community feels isolated and that residents get the help they need. The Parish council is working alongside a team of volunteers, the Etchingham and Burwash support group and also with Fairfield Surgery. We are putting together a coordinated response that will also ensure the safety of the people we are helping and our volunteers by following the current guidelines. We have already had 9 people contact us to say they need help and 24 volunteers have signed up so far which is a brilliant initial response. A huge thank you to those people putting their hand up to help.

Solutions are being found to help residents who can’t get out with:

  • picking up prescriptions
  • shopping
  • not becoming isolated

The Old Orchard Village Café and store in Burwash Common can deliver food, as can the Village Stores in Burwash. We will have more news on this soon.

Do you need help?

If you need help then make sure you contact us to let us know. You can contact the Parish Clerk, Sylvie Franklin on 07943 848430 : or by email:

Can you help?

If you are willing to help then we would also love to hear from you. If you are fit and able you might be able to help with collecting prescriptions or doing someone’s shopping. If you are self isolating yourself and have some free time then you can still get involved. Some residents might feel quite isolated over the coming weeks and a friendly phone call can also help people stay connected and offer support.

Please see the attached leaflet  for more information about what to do if you need help or can volunteer. This leaflet is being delivered across our community this week.

Official Guidelines regarding coronavirus

We encourage residents to continue to strictly follow government guidelines and to do everything possible to protect themselves and others.

For the latest Government advice about coronavirus:

If you have any symptoms such as a fever or a new persistent cough you MUST follow the government and NHS guidelines: 

Please note if you have symptoms of coronavirus you MUST NOT go to Fairfield Surgery but instead follow the NHS guidelines on the link above.