Parish Office closed throughout February for renovations

The Parish Office is being renovated and won’t be open the usual Monday and Wednesday mornings to public for a few weeks.
We hope to have all the work finished by the end of February and we will update you once we have a definite re-opening date! We’re giving it a lick of fresh paint, installing a door to connect with the Parish Room next door and some new but simple furniture to make it more functional and welcoming!Whilst renovations are taking place you can contact either Rachel or Sylvia by email:
Administrator (Rachel Guernier):
Acting Clerk (Sylvia Franklin):

If you don’t have access to email or your matter is urgent please contact the Clerk on the Parish mobile: 07943 848 430

Please note that the Internet Café will be open as usual Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am to 1pm (except for Friday 28th Feb when painting work is taking place there).