Pre-Application Land at Glebe House

(Updated 17 April) Please read below for how to join the online meeting. Meeting codes are now available.

A pre-application has been made to Rother District Council in relation to building 22 new homes on land at Glebe House. This site is just outside the village development boundary on the south side of the A265, after Rectory Close, travelling towards Etchingham. 

 Rother District Council suggested the developer contact the Parish Council regarding the inclusion of the site as a housing allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan. This site was previously considered and rejected by Rother District Council in the 2013 SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment).  

 The site was put forward in the Neighbourhood Plan call for sites in 2018 but no one representing the site attended the assessment meeting. That process has been completed.  

 The Parish Council have now received ‘concept’ drawings and an indicative layout. These are being made available to the public at this early stage. Click on the links below to view these documents. Update (17/4) presentation for Tuesday evening added below.

Glebe House Neighbourhood Plan Submission

Glebe House Site Plan 1

Glebe House Site Plan 2

Glebe House Site Plan 3

Glebe House Burwash 21.4.20 presentation

 The Parish Council has the opportunity to formally assess the site and will evaluate it on merit. 

 Due to the coronavirus the Parish Council is not meeting in person but by virtual meetings. The developer has agreed to attend an online meeting where there will be a presentation to committee of the plans and we can find out more about their ideas. This online meeting will take place on Tuesday 21st April at 6.30pm. The Agenda can be viewed here The pdf of the powerpoint presentation to be used on Tuesday evening can be viewed here or by clicking on the document links above. 

How to join the online meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

 Meeting ID: 991 0396 6982

Meeting Etiquette

When you access the meeting you will automatically be muted.

Please can you remain muted to avoid background noise unless you need to say something at the allocated time. After the presentation of the Glebe House site proposed plans there will be opportunity for you to ask questions/ make comments. If you would like to speak at the allocated time we ask that you show your hand and wait for the Chair to acknowledge you before speaking. We ask that throughout the presentation everyone remain silent and muted to facilitate an efficient online meeting.

The meeting will be opened at 6.15pm to allow everyone to log on and then we shall begin at 6.30pm. Please make sure you are logged on and ready for 6.30pm so there are no delays.

The meeting will be used for fact finding with opportunity after the presentation for both councillors and public to ask questions. The intention is to organise a fully fledged consultation after lockdown when meetings have returned to normal.

 If you have questions, comments or areas you wish to have explored please let us know. Please contact the Chair of the Planning Committee, Cllr Nick Moore at the following email address: 

 We will keep you updated each time we receive more news.