Traffic and Transport Survey

A letter is going out to all households across the Parish this week. As you are perhaps already aware, and in response to earlier consultations, the Parish Council has set out a strategy to introduce a 20mph speed limit through Burwash Village, place village ‘gates’ at points near where the speed limit reduces to 20mph and to address the issue of the ‘pinch point’ at the western end of the village where the road narrows significantly. These were issues identified in the Burwash Neighbourhood Plan and a petition organised by local residents.

The Council has set aside £25,000 from its budget to help meet the costs of these developments. However, to ensure the plan can go ahead in full, extra funding is necessary. To this end it is applying to the Highways Department of East Sussex County Council for Community Matched Funding. The scheme provides Parish Councils with up to 50% of the cost of a local initiative deemed worthy of support.

The Business Plan for this application must be submitted before the end of the year. The costs included in the plan are those provided by the East Sussex Highways Department and based on their feasibility study. If matched funding is not forthcoming the Parish Council will, in the short term, go ahead with parts of the project which are affordable.

The Council is now seeking your comments on the Plan. Clear backing would boost the chances that our application for additional funds would be successful and help ensure the implementation of the Parish Council’s traffic calming strategy.

Other matters, such as pedestrian crossings and speed reductions in Burwash Weald and Burwash Common are for
future consideration and are not included here.

The Consultation

The Business Plan, including a plan of the High Street with the location of the speed restrictions is available here.

You can complete the questionnaire online or you can fill in the printed form and send it to: Burwash Parish Office, High Street, Burwash, TN19 7EU. Completed forms can also be left at the Parish Office red letter box located on the wall of the Parish Rooms in the Car
Park behind the Bear Inn, or at Jarvis Butchers and Londis Stores in the Village High Street.

The Parish Council and East Sussex County Council will be influenced by the answers received but they are not bound by them. It will be assumed that those who do not respond are neutral on the issues.

Complete the online questionnaire here.

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We have set up an online version of the form using google forms that is a secure way to submit your response. We will only keep your details for the duration of the consultation or a maximum of one calendar year.