Update from PCSO on recent activity in the area

We have received an update from Emma Phillips, our local Police Community Support Officer detailing recent activity in the area that has been reported.

A van was stolen from Batemans Lane on 29/08.

A garage was broken into at a property on Etchingham Road between 29/08 – 30/08

Outbuildings belonging to a business in Spring Lane were broken into between 30/08 – 01/09

Although not in Burwash, it is also worth you being aware of the following:

A quad bike and other machinery were stolen from a farm on Ticehurst Road between 16/08 – 17/08

Tractor fuel and a saw were stolen from a farm in Lower Platts between 16/08 – 17/08

A site was broken into and tools were stolen between 18/08 – 19/08

A quadbike has been stolen from a farm in Etchingham between, 26/09 – 27/09.

In regards to quadbike thefts and farm breaks, Daryl and I have been monitoring and looking into these types of crimes for the past 2 years, working closely with Kent to target cross border crime that we have been experiencing. For the last year they have been mainly on the Rye side of Rother so have not had any cause to contact you but approximately 18 months ago we were seeing them in and around your area. Please be assured that we are looking into each of these reports that come in and follow up any lines of enquiry. We speak to our Kent counterparts on a daily basis about what is occurring on our respective areas, often join each other on patrols and have organised warrants together when appropriate. We also have also developed strong working relationship with farmers on our area. In the past 6 months Sussex Police have also established our own Rural Crime Team.

Another crime we have received a couple of reports of is heater oil theft. At this time we have not received any reports of this in your area, however we have on the Eastern side of Rother so there is a chance it could travel over. Sadly we see this type of crime occur each year although normally a little later in the year. I do not know if you have any form of messaging residents / groups in your area but if there are, please can the following advice be disseminated where possible to residents in your area.

Diesel theft

Diesel theft is a problem for many farms and rural properties. Fuel tanks stored in rural and isolated locations are very attractive to thieves looking for an easy target.

  • Keep tanks stored close to the property where you can see them. If this isn’t possible, you should consider installing CCTV to watch over isolated tanks and restrict access with walls, fences and hedges. Security lighting such as ‘dusk till dawn’ or motion detection lighting can also be an effective deterrent to thieves.
  • Remember to check the oil level in your tank regularly. Look for any spilt fuel, marks on the locks or anything else suspicious.
  • Avoid installing a storage tank in an isolated area or outlying building.
  • Consider using a mobile bowser (tanker) kept in a secure place when not in use.
  • Use ‘diesel dye’, making your diesel traceable and less attractive to thieves.

Finally, we have been made aware that there have been some issues with youths causing damage in Swan Meadow, I have alerted other prevention officers and we will be looking to pay passing attention, however, I would ask that residents are encouraged to call it on 101 or email it via the Sussex Police website. From here we can submit a report which is distributed to the appropriate officers and supervisors who can deal with it appropriately. This in turn applies to any unusual activity that anyone sees,  please encourage that it is reported to us at the first opportunity, we would much rather check a vehicle for example that is all in order than miss one that is not.

Emma Phillips

Police Community Support Officer

Rother Prevention Team

Sussex Police | Battle Police Station | North Trade Road | Battle | East Sussex | TN33 0EX

If you have any concerns or notice any susupicious activity Emma Phillips or Daryl Holter can be contacted by email at the following addresses: