If you are interested in becoming a Councillor and joining the Burwash Parish Council please send an email to the Clerk who can give you more information.

A Vice-Chair will be elected as soon as possible.

Chair – Bob Franklin

Contact: cllr.robert.franklin@burwashpc.org.uk



Jason Caulkin

Contact: cllr.jason.caulkin@burwashpc.org.uk



Julian Kenny

Contact:  cllr.julian.kenny@burwashpc.org.uk



Brian Newman

Contact: cllr.brian.newman@burwashpc.org.uk



Anne Newson

Contact: cllr.anne.newson@burwashpc.org.uk



Ian Rees


Contact: cllr.ian.rees@burwashpc.org.uk



Berry Wraight

Contact: cllr.berry.wraight@burwashpc.org.uk


Dominie Mary-Stemp


Contact: cllr.dominie.stemp@burwashpc.org.uk



Theresa Fox

Contact: cllr.theresa.fox@burwashpc.org.uk


Colin Chapman

Contact: cllr.colin.chapman@burwashpc.org.uk