Grants to Local Organisations

Burwash Parish Council sets aside money each year to make grants to organisations for projects that benefit local residents.  The Local Government Transparency Code requires BPC to to publish details of its grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations. See below for recent grant details. Here are details of the Council’s grants awarding policy and a grant application form.

The Council’s policies and procedures are regularly reviewed to incorporate new legislation.

List of Grants Awarded by Burwash Parish Council for Financial Year 2020/2021

MonthNameAmount Detail
May-20Burwash Scouts £906.00 Camping Equipment
May-20 Burwash Playing Fields Association (BPFA) £1,500.00 100 Plus Club
May-20 Village Hall £2,000.00 Replacement windows
May-20 Wild About Burwash £200.00 Seeds for planting
May-20 Burwash Bonfire Society £400.00
May-20 St Philips Church £1500.00 Grounds upkeep
May-20 Burwash Weald & Common Playing Fields Association (BW&PFA) £ 1,500.00 Tarmac path
Jun-20 St Bartholomews Church £ 1,500.00 Grounds upkeep
Jul-20 Burwash Cricket Club £ 2,000.00 Prep of Square & grounds
Oct-20 Ballet @ The Village Hall £200.00 Covid support
Oct-20 Burwash Musical Theatre £250.00 Covid support
Feb-21 Burwash Primary School* £3,294.55 Playground resurfacing
* Not strictly a grant. Money from CIL reserves but coded to grants £14,250.55