Incident Reporting in Support of Safe Travel

The Parish Council is committed to improving the safety and accessibility of our roads, lanes and route-ways. Of equal priority is our commitment to protecting the heritage of our unique environment: our historic buildings, rural landscapes and wildlife verges.

Our current focus is on securing 20mph in Burwash Village, Vicarage Lane and Road, and 30mph at Swing Gate Hill. We are also pursuing the creation of a walking and cycle path from Burwash Village to Etchingham, and Quiet Lane1 designations for Willingford and Spring Lanes.

This interconnected approach to our roads is in acknowledgement of the many traffic related incidents that frequently damage people, property, animals, wildflower verges, and vehicles.

A critical part of all the Parish Council’s Safe Travel initiatives involves ensuring the availability of official evidence of each incident. So, you can help by reporting incidents.

Please make a note of the time, date, vehicle registration number & photograph where possible; then report any incidents you witness or are involved in by following these links to incident reporting:

  1. Traffic incidents can be reported by calling Sussex Police using 101 for non-emergencies, or online via the Sussex Police website.
  2. Damage to wildlife verges can be reported to East Sussex Highways via their online platform to report a problem.

iii. Report a problem to Google-maps e.g. about the unsuitability of the lane for through traffic / Sat-Nav routing.

  1. If you are unsure about reporting an incident yourself and would like the Parish Council’s help, please email dates and details to Bob Franklin

Thank you for taking the time to report incidents. By supporting these initiatives, you are helping to protect our unique environments and safeguard the people who use and enjoy them.

  1. Quiet Lanes are minor rural roads or networks of minor rural roads, appropriate for shared use by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other vehicles. ‘Quiet Lane’ is a nationally recognised designation of single-track road i.e., no white line markings and typically with less than 1,000 vehicle use per day.