Timber Harvesting to take place

Upcoming timber harvesting work will be starting in High Wood and Park Wood near Burwash between mid-July and early August and continuing through to September.

The work will be to carry out routine thinning of the 1990’s softwood plantation, (Scot’s Pine, Corsican Pine, Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir) work which is done approximately every 5 years and was last thinned in 2016.

The public rights of way team has been notified as the work is near to several rights of way.

High Wood –

Burwash 59A BUR/59/1

Burwash 59B BUR/59/2

Burwash ( bridleway) 58D BUR/58/4

And in Park Wood PROW Burwash 60 BUR/60/1 crosses one of the timber extraction routes

There is no request to close any footpath but the paths and safety signage will be in place at the entrances to the woods and on the paths concerned. When work is being carried out near a footpath a banksman will be in place.

The work is being carried out in the summer to make use of the drier ground conditions. The dense conifer has a poor understorey with limited wildlife potential but a wildlife officer will carry out surveys prior to and during the work and set up exclusion zones where necessary.

If anyone has any questions please  contact Nick Covarr, the East Sussex area Forester nick.covarr@forestry.england.uk