Researched and compiled for Burwash Parish Council by Sir Frank Sanderson, this Rolls of Honour register contains the names of 135 Burwash parishioners who died during the First World War and 29 parishioners who died during the Second World War plus two officially listed as Civilian War Dead.

The population of Burwash in 1914 is estimated to have been about 3000. (2002- 2,728)   It is believed that 500 men and women (one woman died whilst serving) served in the Armed Forces in the Great War.  There is a list of 488 of them starting on page 30.

Most of the information comes from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  The East and West Sussex County Record Offices, the Imperial War Museum, the Public Record Office at Kew, and ‘Soldiers who died in the Great War’.  Countless press cuttings and assistance from the men’s families have also added to the information.

The St. Philip’s War Memorial only has the surname and initials of the person and it has been necessary to pick out the most likely person of that name who died in each war.  Where too many people of the same name and initial died, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have been unable to assist without further information.  In some cases the wrong man may have been identified.

The addresses are normally those given to the Imperial War Graves Commission by the next of kin immediately after the war.  Some addresses are deduced to come from press cuttings.

Any further information or correction that the reader may have on any entry in this roll would be most appreciated.  Please contact us by email via