Updated February 2021

Following on from the parish wide consultation, the Parish Council have now submitted the business case to East Sussex Highways for match funding for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit through Burwash Village, place village ‘gates’ at points near where the speed limit reduces to 20mph. The Council are also still considering how to address the issue of the ‘pinch point’ at the western end of the village where the road narrows significantly. These were issues identified in the Burwash Neighbourhood Plan and a petition organised by local residents.

The Council has set aside £25,000 from its budget to help meet the costs of these developments. We expect a decision to be made by East Sussex Highways by  June/July of 2021. As the spend is not anticipated to fall within this financial year, the £25,000 will be earmarked for this project and rolled over into the 2021/22 budget.