We set up “WAB” in 2019 from a small group of volunteers working on the
Environment content of the Burwash Neighbourhood Plan. This community group welcomes anyone
who wants to learn more about, enjoy, protect and enhance the wildlife and natural environment of our
three Burwash villages.

We work closely with Burwash Parish Council, the High Weald AONB team, Sussex Wildlife Trust
and other “Wild About” groups in nearby parishes.

What do we do? We share and cross-check sightings and discuss local environmental issues in a
friendly WhatsApp group. If you have a Smartphone and would like to try it out please send us your
number and we will be happy to sign you up.

We want to ensure that as much of our wonderful flora and fauna as possible is logged into the
national Biodiversity database and forms part of our Parish records to assist in building a wildlife audit.
This is done through iRecord. If you would like to take part in this ongoing exercise, please contact us
or just start logging direct following instructions you will find at https://irecord.org.uk/

We also meet for talks, quizzes and social evenings, share ideas and undertake some groundwork
tackling invasive species or surveying hedgerows and wildflower verges. We have learnt about Mad
Jack Fuller from his biographer, hosted an evening with Ray Mears, had a guided wildlife walk with
the Sussex Wildlife Trust and held a Stargazing Night with more than 100 adults and children enjoying
an indoor Planetarium Dome, Star Stories and talks from the Sussex Astronomy team. We send
updates of events by email and through the Parish Magazines. If you would like to join our mailing list
please email us at wildaboutburwash@gmail.com or check our Facebook page

Future Projects: Working with the High Weald AONB team and other “Wild About” groups nearby, we
are hoping to set up a Dark Skies Reserve over Burwash and other High Weald parishes. In February
2023 we will be part of the High Weald Dark Skies Festival week which will finale in Burwash.
Orchards are part of our focus this year. We hope to see some restoration and repair of orchards for
the benefit of insect life and to make use of the apples. If you would like to be part of this project
please email wildaboutburwash@gmail.com
We would love to hear from you!