Are you Wild About Burwash?

We have some of the most beautiful landscape and precious  habitats all around us  ancient ghylls and woodlands, wild flower meadows and river valleys.

Living alongside us in this landscapesometimes in our back gardens, are a myriad of rare and protected species – mammals, insects, birds and plants

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan we are setting up a project with the Sussex Wildlife Trust to update the ‘Biodiversity Records’ held for Burwash parish. Adding to past records, we can help build a picture of what is distinct and precious where we live and how it is evolving.

So, if you’ve seen a grass snake, a field mouse, a glow-worm, a slow-worm, greater-crested newts, red kites, bats or wild meadow flowers or you are already interested in what’s wild in the three Burwash villagesplease bring your knowledge and love of nature to this project by sending in short reports and any photographs to:

• Reports need a date (they can be historic), species, where sighted (ideally with a grid reference) and your name.
• Provide photographs where possible. 
• Add as many extra details as you can – such as female/egg/young/feeding/how many
Your sightings don’t have to be rare or protected to be of value.